Sunday, February 19, 2023

Hey Guys! New Video Update

Good afternoon y'all. Hope today met you well?

It's my pleasure to introduce to you all my YouTube Channel and first YouTube video ✌️. 

Click the link and check it out below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Vlog Intro

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Saturday, February 18, 2023

As we go to the polls next weekend.

Let's get it right this time around Nigeria.

*Use your vote wisely:*

*#30, 000 minimum wage, no governor went to the supreme court to ensure implementation.

*Local Govt. No governor went to the supreme court to enforce autonomy.

*Non payment of salaries and pension no governor went to the supreme court.

*ASUU Strike for 8 months no Governor went to the supreme court.

*Fuel supreme court.

*Electricity hike; no supreme court.

*Bad supreme court order.

*Unemployment.... No supreme court.

* supreme court order.

*Heightened inflation, no supreme court order.

*COVID-19 lockdown which lasted for months, even palliatives ceased/denied, no governor went to the supreme court.

*Now!! No physical cash to buy votes...they remember that the masses are suffering.*

*Ask yourself.... are these govenors really working for your interest????*

*February 25th is a day of liberation By God's grace.*

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The new found metal in chemistry.


A New Metal has been Added to Chemistry


Symbol: WM

Atomic mass: Light when first found... tends to get heavier with time.


- Boils at any time

- Can freeze at any time

- Melts if treated with love

- Very Bitter if Mishandled


- Very Reactive

- Highly Unstable in moods

- Possesses Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque books

- Money Reducing Agent.


Mostly found in front of the Mirror.

It's highly flammable and volatile when mixed with mother in-laws.

It has mixed properties when seated with parents. 

 Very harmful to you if she sees you with any element similar to itself!

Only scientists will understand .


Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Right from my school days, everyone who's been around me for a reasonable amount of time will testify to the fact that I chew gum a lot. 

Not necessarily that I love it but I just do.

I developed that urge and habit in my school days because I wasn't one who was given to coffee and the likes in order to have lengthier study hours and so the next resort I had was to rely on chewing gum in order to remain focused and alert.

With time the repeated acts of chewing gum unconsciously became a habit. A bad one at that.😬

Everyone around me complained but who sai. Old habits never die hard... Or do they 🀷

To make matters worse I don't chew the gum with relish sef. If you see the way I chew it, you too will be annoyed 😩. 

I chew gum in such a crass manner with my mouth sounding like a typewriter every one minute 🀣.

You wouldn't believe that even on my wedding day I came to the church chewing the gum that I had deliberately saved for that day. 

My husband noticed my mouth whining and because he had come to know me with it like everyone else, he knew I had gum in my mouth and quickly ordered me to spit it out before our wedding service starts πŸ˜‚.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Ladies let's have some sense

Umunwanyi let me give you a piece of unsolicited advice especially my unmarried sisters. 

You see eh when a man comes for your hand in marriage plead with your parents particularly your fathers not to over-bill or extort from your suitor because you are going to pay for it bitterly one way or the other in the marriage. E get why o!

Put your quest and desire to have the most elaborate wedding particularly at the traditional marriage level stage at bay and hold your long throat. A na eru ihe eru. Don't try to jump the rope of life

Even if he can afford it alone, have some sense and self respect and cut down unnecessary expenses except you are ready to foot the bills of the unnecessary expenses yourself without involving the man. Dem no dey do competition for best wedding. The world doesn't care, all the world cares about is to help you waste the largesse you have prepared for us.

Put yourself in the mindset of the man especially if he is not spiritually grounded, there is no way he will spend that much money to marry you and not see you as one of his acquisitions.

Did you guys know that there are men who value their toys (cars and electronic gadgets) more than they value their wives who is a human being. That is why he won't waste time to abuse you in any manner he deems fit at any given time.

If only some of you wives could be privileged to read the minds of your so called husbands as to how they value you, most of you will weep blood. That is why your voices and opinions never count to your husbands and they even consider it an insult to them because you are no better than one other of his acquired home furnitures.

I'm not saying fight your kinsmen but for goodness sake this is the 21st century and times are hard economically so please make them understand that all that nonsense billing has no benefit especially to you their daughter except they are selling you off into modern day slavery which is what most wives are to their husbands... Glorified house maids

When I was about to get married and my uncles said no this no that, they didn't know that I was the happiest person because my husband and I had more money to save which we later utilized for our first investment as a couple immediately after our wedding. 

Then after the wedding, still beg your immediate family to respect themselves small with their demands even if their new in-law is a money magnet. E get why too.

And then you the new bride you get your ass off your lazy entitlement chair and start to hustle no matter how small so that your respect can be full and all round (you want his family to respect you as well).

Let me stop here for now. But if you didn't take anything home from here remember that most husbands view their wives as a mere acquisition and that is why your opinion is treated harshly with abuse because it is considered as a direct unwelcomed challenge to his unquestionable authority.

Even if you are married to a man because of his monetary wealth and nothing more, try to pretend about it at the beginning in other to gain your respect and then you'd realize with time that there's more to him and the whole concept of marriage than a man's money. Just saying πŸ˜”

Business Nuggets For Beginners 101

I came to the realization a few years ago that a paid job whether in the Government’s civil service or in the private sector and no matter how lucrative, big or luxurious the said job might be that working for someone else is not the key to financial freedom which is the innate desire of most adults especially in these harsh economic times.

So I began thinking outside the box and outside my comfort zone. If you have ever been insulted, ridiculed and looked down on because you were broke and financially incapable then by family mainly and friends, you’d understand my pain. And that pain became my kick starter that got me thinking:- What can I do to add to my monthly income? What can I start doing that will earn me a steady second income stream without affecting my day job? 

Due to the fact that I’ve always been a social media dweller, I came online to find my answer. But because I was clueless and without proper mentorship, I began to dabble into a whole lot of things, spending money in a lot of things (or legitimate online businesses) trying to figure out what works but forgetting to figure out that what works for me would be the main deal breaker. 

So I tried my hands on a whole lot of things. You just name it: Network Marketing (on the Longrich Bioscience Business Platform), Affiliate Marketing (on the Digiaffnet Affiliate Marketing Platform), Blogging (I started and built my own blogging site on blogger) and so on.

Some of these investments are still in view and running but I have come to the realization that I am now a jack of all trades but master of none because none is yielding the desired results financially yet and it is all my fault.

Yes, I have to take full responsibility for the success and failure of my life and whatever venture I get involved with. Besides, I have also learned albeit the very hard way that there were some very vital/foundational elements of business that I unknowingly skipped out of both my knowledge base and implementation. Let me share a few of them for us to learn:

Before ever you put in your capital to start any sort of business whether online or offline, make sure you have spent more of that amount of money investing in yourself acquiring as much skill to sharpen the talent and interest in the new area of business, building your knows base, getting meaningful lifetime mentorship. Infact anything that will improve you and your mind first whether or not it puts money into your pocket immediately please and please make sure you acquire such knowledge and mentorship well. You will thank yourself later on.

Similar to the above, get close to mentors that have broken resounding records worthy of emulation in the desired area of business and never let them go.

Copy from your mentors, especially what and what they did wrong in their early business lives, then the lessons they learnt and how they implemented same that later gave birth to the results that is so manifestly evident in them.

Keep on learning, unlearning and relearning as you prepare to start off your own.

Carefully and calculatedly chart your own unique course for originality and possibly greater results than your mentors. They themselves would be proud of whom their wealth of knowledge and experience has produced.

If it is business you ventured into and you really want to succeed and see results, money and wealth grow fast from it YOU MUST AS A NECESSITY MASTER THE ART OF SELLING AND MARKETING YOUR PRODUCTS. It is one thing to have awesome products and services under your sleeves, and it is another thing to really know how to bring them out shamelessly and market them with irresistible offers to your target customers.

For emphasis sake, I repeat: Don’t just know how to sell, become a master at it with unbeatable top notch marketing skills that can stand the test of time.

If it is sweet wealth and automated income as you sleep that is your goal then SELLING AND MARKETING IS THE ONLY ROUTE.

Don’t make the mistake that I made, don’t dabble into so many things at once when you are still in the preparatory phase of going into a business because all of them are sure to fail at once. Find just one high income skill you are keen about and bury your head there in research and acquiring every knowledge there is to learn there.

 Whenever you decide to expand your business horizons and diversify the business into other branches, always go for similar or complimentary business that will still keep you focused on the main or first business venture and can comfortably go with the main business and more importantly, one that won’t necessarily require you learning new marketing or selling skills that are entirely different from what have already mastered. Just simplify your business atmosphere as you aim for greater heights.

From the above, I do sincerely hope that someone out there has been blessed with new insights from these evergreen blueprints that I just mentioned. 

As for me, as the Holy Spirit gave me these revelations, I began to see that the online businesses I ventured into were quite complimentary in nature yes but they were very premature of me as I was initially naΓ―ve and unprepared to handle any one.

So now I am on course, I am back on track. I’ve diversified and simplified my business goals, atmosphere and strategies. I’m going to pick one of them for now ( which could mean from now till the next eighteen months), focus on it with all my energy and my heart, then when I have started recording tremendous growth from it, I can now diversify and pick up the others one at a time and at my own pace.

So you my dear friend, what are your plans for 2023 again, how do you intend achieving them and have you gained value from this post. 

If yes please share and let me know. You will be helping somebody’s life as well. 

Thank you so much for your time and see you at the top.

From your Chiamaka Hephzibah Anietoh

Your Legalpreneur.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The circle of life

No matter how long it lives, the Greatest Lion will eventually die miserably. That's the world.

At their Peak, they rule, chase other animals, catch, devour, gulp and leave their crumbs for hyenas. But age comes fast.

The old Lion can't hunt, can't kill or defend itself. It roams and roars until it runs out of luck. It will be cornered by the hyenas, nibbled at and eaten alive by them. They won't even let it die before it is dismembered.

Life is short. Power is ephemeral. Physical beauty is short-lived, I have seen it in lions. I have seen it in old people. Everyone who lives long enough will become weak and very vulnerable at some point.

Therefore, let us be humble. Help the sick, the weak, the vulnerable and most importantly never forget that we will leave the stage one day.