Sunday, May 22, 2022

How to effectively handle anger issues in a Christian Marriage.

What is anger to start with one might ask?

Anger is that hurtful feeling of being wronged that causes one to act, react or respond in a rather irrational and often times regrettable manner in a bid to vent, get even or restitute for the wrong he or she possibly suffered.

Anger of all sorts if not properly handled and controlled has devastating consequences on all human relationships including and especially marriage. I as well as many Children of God are battling with dealing with unhealthy anger issues and thank God, in His Mercy that we are conquering into victory. 

When it comes to handling such dangerous traits in a Christian Marriage, then conscious efforts must be made to put the spouse with anger issues in strict accountable check in order to prevent frequent and devastating outbursts that may harm the marriage, home, children or something else more severe.

Friday, May 20, 2022

A must read for every church leader and that includes you!


#AMustRead !

Church, Leaders, Pastors, Friends, pay much attention! 

“So, please, for the love of God stop saying things like this when people need ACTUAL help and ACTUAL advice for their problems and issues.

If someone is drowning because of an issue that is plaguing them such that they cannot even think straight, telling them to "just pray about it" is not what they need in this situation. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

What God has brought this testimony of a daughter of His Through

This is a random post about allowing the Grace of God work in and through your life.

I have existed in this world for more than three decades. One thing I have learnt never to take for granted is the grace of God. His grace and mercy brought me this far and are capable to take me to and through my next phase of life. I have also learnt not to laugh at others when I see them not living up to expectation. Now when I see a very fat woman or man, I know that sickness or rejection could have made that person fat.

When I see a prostitute in a brothel, I now see a girl who could have been cruising around town in a good ride and living a good life if she was born into an influential home. I also see a girl who could have been abused severally by uncles and men in the society leading her into that life. I see a girl whose mother could be lying sick at home and she has to make money to save her life and knowing our society, the only way she can do that is sell her body for money since those heartless men cannot give her the money without asking for her body. 

That I am a Christian (even when I know that it is more about the life of Christ in me) doesn't mean I have to look down on a Muslim because a good number of us became Christians because we were born into Christian families. I could have been born to a family in Saudi Arabia where all I know is Islam. As a Muslim, you could have been born into an Irish family where you know nothing about Islam.  

Monday, May 2, 2022

Counterfeit Relationships... Heartbreaks Waiting To Happen.


If you are 'dating' any of these people, then you have fallen for a COUNTERFEIT:

1) A Married Man

2) Your Ex that left you to Marry someone else

3) Your Neighbour who is about to Marry someone else, but has refused to tell you

4) Your Colleague who already told you he is in a Relationship

5) Your Counsellor

6) Your Imam or Pastor

7) A man with no source of livelihood at all and whose financial and psychological problems have suddenly become your compulsory additional burden.

Now the list can go on, but the fact remains that this Category is all about anyone you are dating or investing your emotions on who won't last with you, because they are not suppose to be in your life in that CAPACITY in the first place. 

No matter how real what you get from these set of people are, it will always be a COUNTERFEIT, that's why it's always SWEET when you taste it, but VERY BITTER when it goes down. You will NEVER be SECURE in such love, no matter how much the counterfeit tries. 

Have you noticed your emotion is NEVER stable in that kind of relationship? At some point you are so much in love, and wish it will last, or that the person isn't Married, but please get it into YOUR STURBORN THICK SKULL that the Person you are with, is NOT AVAILABLE!!!

By the way there are lots of Married Men right now parading themselves as SINGLE Men. How do you catch one? He will be too experienced at taking care of you, than a single guy can do, and guess what, that's what sweeps you off your feet in the first place right? Everything seems right, everything is just in place, except that HE IS A COUNTERFEIT! 

Let's look at the Dictionary Meaning of Counterfeit:

1) made in imitation of something genuine with the intent to deceive or defraud; forged

2. simulated; sham: counterfeit affection.

3. an imitation designed to deceive or defraud

4. an impostor; cheat.

What Do Men Really Want 🤔?

About a week ago, news broke out on the Nigerian social media space that popular actor and son to Nollywood patriarch - Yul Edochie  openly celebrated the birth of his love child, a son that he has with a fellow actress whom he had recently married as a second wife shortly before the birth of their son. It should be known that the said Yul Edochie was already married to his wife May Edochie and the marriage was blessed with four (4) children. 

This unpleasant news sparked a lot of reactions and comments from people as to what men really want?

It has been agreed that men (without Christ and the fear of God) are polygamous in nature and without proper self control and discipline may one day give heed to display such immoral attitude and as such give room for the devil to have a field day of confusion and destruction in his home, his life and his generations to come.