Tuesday, May 3, 2022

What God has brought this testimony of a daughter of His Through

This is a random post about allowing the Grace of God work in and through your life.

I have existed in this world for more than three decades. One thing I have learnt never to take for granted is the grace of God. His grace and mercy brought me this far and are capable to take me to and through my next phase of life. I have also learnt not to laugh at others when I see them not living up to expectation. Now when I see a very fat woman or man, I know that sickness or rejection could have made that person fat.

When I see a prostitute in a brothel, I now see a girl who could have been cruising around town in a good ride and living a good life if she was born into an influential home. I also see a girl who could have been abused severally by uncles and men in the society leading her into that life. I see a girl whose mother could be lying sick at home and she has to make money to save her life and knowing our society, the only way she can do that is sell her body for money since those heartless men cannot give her the money without asking for her body. 

That I am a Christian (even when I know that it is more about the life of Christ in me) doesn't mean I have to look down on a Muslim because a good number of us became Christians because we were born into Christian families. I could have been born to a family in Saudi Arabia where all I know is Islam. As a Muslim, you could have been born into an Irish family where you know nothing about Islam.  

I am a wife, mother and Women's rights lawyer and I have seen first hand women go through all sorts of abuse no human being should ever be subjected to. I know what it means when a woman talks about abuse-physical or verbal. I know what it means to be stigmatized by the society, friends, colleagues and even church members and your own pastors who should know better. I know what it means to be abandoned to fate. 

I have known riches as well as poverty. I have been up there, knocked down and shattered, now I am close to being up there again. I have seen the grace and mercy of God who didn't allow me to be broken to pieces forever. But because God saw me through it and brought me out sane and sound shouldn't make me look down on that single mother out there looking for survival for her children. 

That I don't sleep around to make it doesn't mean I have to speak and condemn that woman who sells her body to feed her children. I can only do what I should do to make her quit that lifestyle and fix her eyes on God alone. If I have a good job to offer her, I should do it to save her the pain because I know she doesn't enjoy giving her body to strangers. 

The church has failed a lot of souls. The church, instead of building lives are now worried about building beautiful auditorium for my God who dwells more in our hearts. The church, instead of encouraging broken hearts, now help to shatter the remaining pieces. 

The 21st century church has failed. Where is the brotherly love shared by the early church? Where is that thing that can make the world look at us and call us 'Christians'? This is what the Lord has sent me into this world for. He took me through the wilderness, stayed with me in the wilderness, walked with me through the wilderness and brought me out safe and sound. 

He did this just because He wants me to be a voice for the voiceless women and children who are broken, shattered, and abandoned to die. Let them laugh at you. Let them call you 'old and never married'. Let them call you a divorced prostitute. Let them tag you that widow who killed her husband. 

The Potter wants to put back together the broken pieces of your life. It is never of he who runs, but of God who shows mercy. Never accept the name they call you!

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