Monday, May 2, 2022

What Do Men Really Want 🤔?

About a week ago, news broke out on the Nigerian social media space that popular actor and son to Nollywood patriarch - Yul Edochie  openly celebrated the birth of his love child, a son that he has with a fellow actress whom he had recently married as a second wife shortly before the birth of their son. It should be known that the said Yul Edochie was already married to his wife May Edochie and the marriage was blessed with four (4) children. 

This unpleasant news sparked a lot of reactions and comments from people as to what men really want?

It has been agreed that men (without Christ and the fear of God) are polygamous in nature and without proper self control and discipline may one day give heed to display such immoral attitude and as such give room for the devil to have a field day of confusion and destruction in his home, his life and his generations to come.

As pointed out earlier, it only takes the Spirit and the fear of God as well as respect for one's immediate family for a man not to indulge in extra marital affairs and polygamy but then we continue to re-echo the age long question of what do men really want.... In other words, what can we wives and mothers do within our own human abilities (responsibilities) to help prevent our husbands from following that wandering instinct of theirs into the arms of a strange woman.

Below however are a few key points to note to help you as a wife in doing your own part to keep your husband from straying away like a lost puppy:

A man craves respect, reverence and the need to feel needed.

A man craves appreciation.

A man craves constant reassurance and intimacy.

A man craves his peace and personal space (his man cave).

A man craves support from his wife to be the best of whatever it is his life's calling outside the home is 

A man craves faithfulness from his wife.

A man craves physical connection and constant attraction.

A man craves praises.

In fact the list is endless and until most men have that sense of experiencing all these needs of theirs (which are somewhat legitimate so far as it does not abuse his spouse), he may e tempted to have his roving eyes wander outside the home and his private part become public property. 

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