Tuesday, April 30, 2019

This and That about marriage

When you let God lead you to the spouse or life partner that He preserved you for, it will all fall into place beautifully. His or her heart won't be in any way cracked how much more broken. You may need to wait long for him or her to come along and watch many others jump the broom before you but your waiting is never a waste. His best for may not always come in your dream package but since God will never give you a blessing of management, then he or she will never need fixing at all. He or she will just be your perfect fit and everything you NEED in life to fulfill destiny.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Coping with your husband's ego.

my sugar boi
Marriage is hard! Those of us in it sometimes want to escape, and those that are yet to get hooked are killing themselves just to get in. Let me share a personal experience with us today, awhile ago, my husband and I were getting into frequent misunderstandings (due to differences in our backgrounds and temperamental dispositions), until we both realised that beautiful marriages don't just happen because we wish them to, nor because the parties involved are good looking, but because they both make conscious individualistic and collective efforts and sacrifices at making theirs work out beautifully. One of such ways is in DEALING WITH ONE'S PERSONAL EGO.

To my understanding, your ego is that protective wall we build over time as we grow into matured adults over our hearts, personality and self esteem. Thank God for 'egos' for it helps us to build strong, healthy and well-guarded personalities until...

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Vital Lessons I learnt from the event and celebration of Jesus' Resurrection.

The season of lent and easter may have come and gone, but the mood and various lessons learnt is still very fresh in the hearts of many especially the children of God who are Christians. As for me, it is a period of deep sober reflection, personal re-evaluation and appraisal. The Book of Matthew 28 from Verse 1 captures most succinctly the resurrection account/story of of  our Lord Jesus Christ. For me personally, I have never had a whollistic understanding and impactful experience of the meaning of lent and easter for myself as I did this year, and I would love to share with everyone vital lessons that sank within me from the memorial of Christ's death and resurrection.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ladies learn how to stop complicating your relationships and lives by comparison

Me and my Husband weeks before our wedding...
And so Jane a bored sit at home wife and mother (who is lazy, idle and loves to gossip), decided to visit Joy her friend just down the street as her children and husband were not at home even without first calling her on phone as courtesy demands. She gets to Joy's doorstep, knocks on the door and is ushered in by Joy who is as idle as she is with so much excitement of having a company at last. Jane is offered entertainment by her hostess and then she begins her fable, boast and 'gist'many (or all)  of which are lies!

"Babe you know we haven't seen each other since my husband came back from jand (i.e a trip overseas or outside the country) last week. Nne eh!, I swear hubby came back with a lot of goodies for me and the kids. It's like he went shopping for us, which is still apart from the shopping trip he promised us to Dubai during ths year's summer holiday. He bought us all sorts of designer clothes you can think of, bags, shoes, makeup for me, underwears and even school stationeries for the kids... That man is just full of everyday surprises for me.

Friday, April 19, 2019

How to beat body odour

Two days ago, on my way to work in the morning, I was unfortunate to sit with this very beautiful and nicely dressed lady in a commercial transport here in my city, and as the journey progressed, with little or no sufficient air coming into the bus for the passengers to inhale, we all beagn to perceive to my disgust the unwanted smell of body odour from one of our fellow passengers and I was still far from getting to my destination. I practiaclly had to hold my breathe with a little forced exhalation the whole time. Due to the fact that I sat next to the lady responsible for the smell polluting our noses I had a hard time communicating with anyone plus myself the entire time I was in that bus while trying not to embrass her further. As I alighted from the vehicle, thoughts of the issue of body odour, its causes, solutions and permanent healing came to my mind .

To have or know someone who has the problem of body odour is not a joke. It is irritating, repulsive, frustrating and disastrous. It could be as bad as one having a full blown HIV/AIDS status. It is caused by the bacteria on the skin mixed with unwashed sticky sweat on the skin that brings about the foul smell. When the poor hygiene of an individual results in waste products of bacterial metabloism from lack of insufficient bathing habit particularly in people of greater keratin secretion (i.e the skin colour gland), then a foul body odour emits which is secreted from the apocrine glands located in the underarms/armpits, genitals, hans, feet,face and chest.

Today is Good Friday

Good morning to everybody and solemn Good Friday observations to us all! We all know that we are about to round up our annual Lenten observation (Lent is a 40-day fast which all christians particularly of the orthodox denominations observe annually in solemn rememberance of Jesus' 40 days fast in the wilderness which is rounded up with the passion week with His arrest, prosecution, persecution, suffering, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection on Easter sunday morning), as we have just entered Good Friday today. One may ask what Good Friday is? It is the friday in the Holy Week (which begun last week sunday as Palm sunday) when we as christians solemnly remember the crucifixion and death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Words have Power...Use them well

According to the books of Proverbs15:4 and James 3:5, the Holy Bible tells us of the incredible power the tongue has over a life and the destiny of a soul. Not minding the fact that it is one of the smallest parts with no bones in it, the tongue can build an individual to greatness or destroy it to absolute nothingness. Hence the need to use the tongue (i.e speak/speech) with wisdom and caution whether to a child or an adult at all times. Since we all know that words once spoken out and its initial impact can never be taken back no matter remorseful you might later be, there is a very great need to be quick to listen but slow to speak.

Why is there still no light in Nigeria?

You see, I write this very post with so much vex in my heart.. Why is there still general blackout in Nigeria? Why can't we just deliver oureslves and help our ailing economy by acheiving maximum power( electricity) supply like every other country like Ghana? Would you beleive that in this age and time, I know of a place in Enugu State where power generation is being shared in days (2 days on, 1 day off), yet the power is not even constant nor is it reliable in those two days that they are to have light, whereas on the day that is to be off, the power distribution company won't even wait for day break before cutting off their power supply for the wole day till whenever they like on the next day. Haba! The worse and most annoying part of it was that when it is time to pay the billing charge, the amount of money charged on the poor, voiceless and cheated power consumers was outrageous and ridiculous. Like they are paying for the darkness/blackout they are forced to endure, else they would face immediate disconnection which comes with a penalty fee upon reconnection. Business in Nigeria can hardly ever grow or florish because this lack of electricity makes buiness owners to spend more money on alternative sources of power supply than on necessary capital project for their businesses.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Why are you so angry... at God?

I can sense in my spirit that a lot of people have internalized anger eating them deep on the inside. Even though they look pretty and well polished on the outside, their inside is no better than a white-washed sepulchre. They are angry with every single person they have come across in life, they are angry with life itself (little wonder why suicide is on a dangerous increase), and worse still, they are angry with God. They are so angry that being unnecessarily aggresive and difficult has become a second nature to them. Maybe it's the loss of someone dear to them, a costly disappointment they've suffered, a career or health challenge, a nagging problem, stagnation in life, marital woes, an impossible to please spouse e.t.c, they are just plain Mad at the whole world! Some are so mad at God and have so much hardened their hearts and at life generally that they can take a life (whether theirs or another's) without blinking an eyelid. 

Early Sex Education for your children... Why you must do it!

Parents remember the saying that goes : " Catch them young" refers to all things in life whether good or bad and since we all know that the days we live in are evil coupled with the fact that we have a duty to protect our little ones at all times, I bring to your door step this bombshell: LITTLE CHILDREN EVEN BELOW THE AGES OF TEN ARE NOW SEXUALLY ACTIVE". Many of usparents are too busy pirsuing our careers that we hardly have the time to monitor our kids and spend meaningful time with them anymore. We often leave them unsupervised in the care of nannys, child crae-givers, house helps and maid servants or relatives. The things they see, watchvia television, hear form all manners of sources are therefore not monitored by us. This tends to expose them too early to societal vices such all manners of illicit tele-medias and broad ady light immorality. Some of our kids are even sadly molested or sexually abused by most of these persons whom we push aour parenting responsiblities to for far too long befeore we get to find out.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Core hygenic habits you must teach your child early...

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a common saying, but permit me to add my own voice by saying that a clean child is a healthy child and a healthy child is a happy child. Since we all want happy children, we as parents, guardiands and child-care givers have a collective responsibilty to teach our children very early on life on the need and importance of cleanliness and maintaining a personal hygiene. In order to acheive this, parents, teachers, guardians and care givers must inculcate very core hygiene patterns into young children in order for them protect themselves from germs, air-borne and water-borne diseases and other illness arising from dirtiness and a poor body and evirionmental hygiene level. Some of these first hygenic training to be taught early to every child are as follows but are not limited to these (you can add more as the need arises daily):

Do You know that Love is a Door Opener

God is love... Every wise person knows that (God is perfect wisdom too). Truly knowing God is knowing that He is love personified and that to truly call yourself a christian and a child of God means that you should love thy neighbour as thyself. This means several things to different people hence the misunderstandind, misinterpretation, confusion and abuse of concepts like the infamous Valentine's day celebration. permit me to emphasize this by giving a short illustartion to explain and buttress my point on love being a door opener and way maker...

A certain woman opened the door of her front yard early one morning after her husband had already left home for work and was surprised to see three old men with long white beards sitting under her oak tree comfortably. In her shock, she gently approached them and inquired of them whom they sought to see (in case there were at the wrong address). To her second amazement, they mentioned her husband's name in full. She then informed them that he wasn't home as he had already left for work, and then asked them to come into the house and wait for him while she quickly sends for him to come home at once. One of the wise men then spoke up on behalf of others saying: "Madam our names are wealth, health and love and we are all brothers but we do not enter into any house/home we choose to visit all at once. Our choice host must pick only one of the three of us while others wait outside or go somewhere else. Whichever one of us is chosen goes in bearing gifts synonymous with his name to that family. That is why we demand to see the head of any household we visit so as to make that choice and decision for his entire family. So please maa'm kindly send for your husband."

Friday, April 5, 2019

Mothers' Day Celebration... How I celebrated it.


First of all, even though the actual date has passed, we are still mesmerized by the mood of it; therefore permit me to say happy mothers'day to all mothers, expectant mothers and mothers-to-be.  But the question now becomes, who is a mother? A mother is first of all a woman, even though not all women are mothers. A mother is not just one who biologically births a child; but also one who cares, nurtures, loves, trains, guides and brings up a child.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Be grateful in your little beginnings...

You see, in life, I have personally experienced that grass to grace shift. There was a time in life that not only was everything at a stand still but I was totally confused on what next life had to offer me. I am saying this because many do not value or appreciate their days of little beginnings. Many murmur and complain when they are way down the ladder of life and are still climbing their way to the top, or when they have to start some new venture or worse still an old venture (like this blogging thing to me) afresh.

Starting Anew... Welcome Aboard!

Hi Everyone! This is me Chiamaka Hephzibah Victoria Anietoh. I am a woman, christian, pastor, writer, lawyer, wife, mother and friend. You are so highly welcome to my new blog HEPHZIBAH ANIETOH SPEAKS. This is a Christian inspirational blog aimed at bring answers, help, succor, relief and direction to many particularly believers as we all travel on this journey of life, in our walk with God, spouse, children, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, and even perceived enemies daily.