Sunday, February 19, 2023

Hey Guys! New Video Update

Good afternoon y'all. Hope today met you well?

It's my pleasure to introduce to you all my YouTube Channel and first YouTube video ✌️. 

Click the link and check it out below 👇👇

Vlog Intro

Or watch it here 👇👇

Saturday, February 18, 2023

As we go to the polls next weekend.

Let's get it right this time around Nigeria.

*Use your vote wisely:*

*#30, 000 minimum wage, no governor went to the supreme court to ensure implementation.

*Local Govt. No governor went to the supreme court to enforce autonomy.

*Non payment of salaries and pension no governor went to the supreme court.

*ASUU Strike for 8 months no Governor went to the supreme court.

*Fuel supreme court.

*Electricity hike; no supreme court.

*Bad supreme court order.

*Unemployment.... No supreme court.

* supreme court order.

*Heightened inflation, no supreme court order.

*COVID-19 lockdown which lasted for months, even palliatives ceased/denied, no governor went to the supreme court.

*Now!! No physical cash to buy votes...they remember that the masses are suffering.*

*Ask yourself.... are these govenors really working for your interest????*

*February 25th is a day of liberation By God's grace.*

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The new found metal in chemistry.


A New Metal has been Added to Chemistry


Symbol: WM

Atomic mass: Light when first found... tends to get heavier with time.


- Boils at any time

- Can freeze at any time

- Melts if treated with love

- Very Bitter if Mishandled


- Very Reactive

- Highly Unstable in moods

- Possesses Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque books

- Money Reducing Agent.


Mostly found in front of the Mirror.

It's highly flammable and volatile when mixed with mother in-laws.

It has mixed properties when seated with parents. 

 Very harmful to you if she sees you with any element similar to itself!

Only scientists will understand .


Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Right from my school days, everyone who's been around me for a reasonable amount of time will testify to the fact that I chew gum a lot. 

Not necessarily that I love it but I just do.

I developed that urge and habit in my school days because I wasn't one who was given to coffee and the likes in order to have lengthier study hours and so the next resort I had was to rely on chewing gum in order to remain focused and alert.

With time the repeated acts of chewing gum unconsciously became a habit. A bad one at that.😬

Everyone around me complained but who sai. Old habits never die hard... Or do they 🤷

To make matters worse I don't chew the gum with relish sef. If you see the way I chew it, you too will be annoyed 😩. 

I chew gum in such a crass manner with my mouth sounding like a typewriter every one minute 🤣.

You wouldn't believe that even on my wedding day I came to the church chewing the gum that I had deliberately saved for that day. 

My husband noticed my mouth whining and because he had come to know me with it like everyone else, he knew I had gum in my mouth and quickly ordered me to spit it out before our wedding service starts 😂.