Monday, September 7, 2020

Count Your Blessings Name Them One By One... Especially in this year 2020

Welcome to the ninth month of September. The month pregnant destinies are birthed. Thank God for mercifully seeing us all through the countless hurdles of this year 2020 especially as the world battles the corona virus pandemic which has and is still claiming many lives daily. Yet you and I and hopefully all our loved ones are safe, untouched and alive. It is the Lord's doing indeed! 

The best part is that many of us including me have been greatly visited by Jehovah in very personal and unique ways that has caused us and our families to be blessed and enlarged.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Benefits of having a Hot Water Bath

We have all had those days when we come back home after a long day wanting to just soak ourselves in water and sleep afterwards (even eating doesn't matter much on such days). The issue however is not taking a shower, it's taking the shower in the right way that will help rejuvenate our tired body cells but also help us have a good night rest and wake up the next day fully bounced back. The secret is having a hot water bath. The benefits of having our bath water heated up is countless. From the very moment when the first drop touches our skin, there is this healing sense of strength and return that cannot be explained. Let's share some of those benefits below: 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Who is a husband supposed to submit to?

The issue of submission is a very delicate, core and often deal breaking when it comes to marital relationship. It is usually of paramount importance to almost all husbands as it touches the position of  their headship in the home. A man can literally jettisoned his wife if he has concluded that his wife doesn't submit to him and in turn doesn't respect him. It has nothing to do with looks or qualification and a man can literally sell his entire generation just to be with a woman who respects his headship by submitting to him. Most women have been trained to recognize and ascribe great importance to submission to her husband in marriage, but the big question now is do men need to submit as well in order to create the desired balance in the home; and if they do need to submit then to who?

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ten Common Lies Our Men Tell


For most human beings, telling a few lies now and then seems to be a second nature. We all are usually good at telling 'necessary white lies' to either avoid being questioned, attacked or even misunderstood. The men folk are no different as rather than getting into an argument or fight with their we their wives. They'd rather tell a quick little harmless lie to cover up their trail and allow peace to reign.