Thursday, August 27, 2020

Who is a husband supposed to submit to?

The issue of submission is a very delicate, core and often deal breaking when it comes to marital relationship. It is usually of paramount importance to almost all husbands as it touches the position of  their headship in the home. A man can literally jettisoned his wife if he has concluded that his wife doesn't submit to him and in turn doesn't respect him. It has nothing to do with looks or qualification and a man can literally sell his entire generation just to be with a woman who respects his headship by submitting to him. Most women have been trained to recognize and ascribe great importance to submission to her husband in marriage, but the big question now is do men need to submit as well in order to create the desired balance in the home; and if they do need to submit then to who?
Since the aim as a Kingdom daughter is to marry a fellow Kingdom son ~ One who is completely sold out to Christ and cut from the same divine cloak as you, then such a brother must have not just a pastor but a spiritual father and mentor whom he listens to, gets divine directions/instructions from and has '' SUBMITTED HIMSELF FULLY'' as a mentee.

This is very important because when issues arise in marriage (who are a must even in a Spirit- filled Christian marriage) and there is the urgent need to either seek Godly counsel or call the husband to order in case he in his human frailty goes astray or acts unbecoming, then there will be a someone of higher spiritual authority whom stands in the office of Jesus Christ to lovingly bring the husband back to his senses before the enemy of both the saints and of the marriage covenant makes more mess of the situation with his three fold destructive strategy (that is to steal, to kill and to destroy).

Many Christian ladies have made the mistake of getting married to men who have no real relationship with Christ, no sound spiritual background and footing and worse still no spiritual mentorship, authority or fatherhood whatsoever. This has made them experience all sorts of abuse in their marriage which can cause a child of God fall off track in his or her Christian walk.

This post not only refers to the men alone but is vice versa as it applies to the women (wives) as well.

God bless you...

Please pray for me and my husband as we celebrate four beautiful years of God's faithfulness in our lives. We got traditionally married on the 27th day of August 2016 and it has been Jesus all the way.

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