Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ten Common Lies Our Men Tell


For most human beings, telling a few lies now and then seems to be a second nature. We all are usually good at telling 'necessary white lies' to either avoid being questioned, attacked or even misunderstood. The men folk are no different as rather than getting into an argument or fight with their we their wives. They'd rather tell a quick little harmless lie to cover up their trail and allow peace to reign. 

From the stories (I mean gossip) of a few married sisters , I've gathered a few common lies I'd like to share that our husbands usually tell to get away from 'trouble', make us feel good or even make us blush. Enjoy and feel free to add yours to the list.

1. 'You look great in a dress that you shouldn't ever consider trying on ....

2. 'I'd be there in five (5) minutes, when you are sure he's miles away from your location...

3. 'Leave that to me to handle, when you know he doesn't have the foggiest idea on how to deal with things...

4. 'Forget about it, it's not your problem'. In as much as that sounds masculine and heroic, sometimes you know they desperately need assistance and they can never get through with it... At least not in record time.

5. 'I kept calling you'. But you wonder why your call records are saying otherwise.

6. 'If you don't want to then let's forget about it '.. At that point just know that he really truly wants it... As in desperately.

7. 'I've told you, my ex was just ok... Or that she's a horrible person'... Even though you've never met her in person, you seriously doubt if that is true as nobody including him is perfect and there are always two sides to every story... And that includes why your husband and his ex broke up even if it benefited you eventually.

8. 'It's not necessary'. That statement can be so annoying especially when the question you asked is one that has bugged your mind for quite some time and you really need answers which you are sure he can provide.

9. 'I was just checking out her dress for you'. For those whose husband has a roving eye and you've caught him lustfully looking at another woman, this line will most likely pop up as both a lie and a defense mechanism to avoid further questioning. 

10. You know I'd never lie to you'. Of course you know that even during courtship he'd told you a few lies. How much more now that both of you are married and live under the same roof. 

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