Friday, May 28, 2021

Marriage Realities From An African Context


Marriages in Nigeria and most parts of Africa are sustained by women. You can argue this with your village deity. Women in general, put up with a lot of bullshit just to make their marriages work. From childhood they have been taught that a wise woman keeps her home. In order to keep their homes, they end up enduring a lot of ill-treatment. 

Find any woman who has been with a man for donkey years and ask her if she would love to marry that same man over again in her next life. Majority would say no. This brings us to the point that most marriages are endurance marriages not happy marriages. Unfortunately, we are told that marital success is about duration. 

A successful marriage isn't about duration but happiness. If two people spend five years together, happily and add immense value to each other; if they decide to break up without fighting about it, their marriage can be rated as successful. Spending eternity together in sorrow isn't the idea of success to me. It is what you do in the marriage that counts not how long. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Thinking Of Getting Married Someday? Here Are Three Ways Being Happily Married Will Make You A Better Person..

Marriage especially when done right is not just a good thing but a full packaged blessing. Everyone desires to be married and be happy in it and it is more than important to us children of God because it was initiated and instituted by Our Heavenly Father from the creation of man to fulfill His divine plan for mankind and our earthly mandate. 

However, the very many challenges that besiege marriages of our generation, many of which ending up in divorce, makes it less and less attractive to so many people including members of the body of Christ. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021



Good morning (or whatever time of the day it is in your region of residence). 
 The Lord put it as a burden in my heart to say this to someone here this morning so PLEASE REPEAT AFTER ME AND NEVER STOP PROCLAIMING THESE WORDS OF SELF LOVE AND AFFIRMATION TO YOUR SELF....