Sunday, May 22, 2022

How to effectively handle anger issues in a Christian Marriage.

What is anger to start with one might ask?

Anger is that hurtful feeling of being wronged that causes one to act, react or respond in a rather irrational and often times regrettable manner in a bid to vent, get even or restitute for the wrong he or she possibly suffered.

Anger of all sorts if not properly handled and controlled has devastating consequences on all human relationships including and especially marriage. I as well as many Children of God are battling with dealing with unhealthy anger issues and thank God, in His Mercy that we are conquering into victory. 

When it comes to handling such dangerous traits in a Christian Marriage, then conscious efforts must be made to put the spouse with anger issues in strict accountable check in order to prevent frequent and devastating outbursts that may harm the marriage, home, children or something else more severe.

Worthy of note at this point is what the Bible says concerning how to handle a spouse with anger issues in order to still preserve the marriage and be victorious. 

The Holy Bible in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 verses 6 admonishes us to get rid of all anger before sunset and the book of Proverbs 15 verse 1 also instructs that a gentle answer turns away wrath. Not also forgetting the teaching in the book of Colossians 3 verse 19 that admonishes husbands (and wives inclusive) to love their wives and not be bitter towards them. 

There is no doubt that none of this spiritual feat can be achieved without the constant help of the Holy Spirit both for the spouse dealing with the problem of ungodly and unhealthy anger and the calm/quiet spouse who has to constantly put up with such disgraceful display and of course forgive/forget the offending spouse for peace to reign.

For the spouse with the problem of ungodly and unhealthy anger issues, he or she in addition to learning how to be more tolerable and forgiving, needs to seek urgent help both from within and outside the church (within Christian borders I mean). 

Such an offending spouse is also expected to marshal out ways to avoid, overcome and control such triggering situations of anger outbursts. 

He or she is to put himself or herself in the place of his or her spouse who is forced to constantly deal with the anger feats they shamelessly display... In other words, they are to learn how to constructively communicate calmly whenever they feel offended and likely to loose it, learn to also quickly forgive and have empathy.

Lastly but not the least, he or she who is dealing with anger issues is to learn and practice the principle of advance forgiveness of wrongs even before the occur. This way he can control his reaction with the help of the Holy Spirit.


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