Friday, June 3, 2022

Obedience births greatness.

Happy New month everyone and welcome to June, the month of jubilee...

What is obedience in relation to the bringing up of Godly Christian children?  The dictionary meaning of obedience is compliance to an instruction, set of laid down rules, command, law, authority or duty whether from the home, church, school, organized institution, society  and so on.

Bringing it home for us as Children of God, we have an epitome of God's obedience to whom it was counted unto as righteousness... In the person of our father Abraham. 

His entire life and walk with God here on earth from when God called him out of his initial home place and people in Haran up until the birth of his covenant son Isaac was a clear case of childlike obedience, total faith in God and His promises as well as the generational rewards of total obedience to God His Unfailing Word.

Below I'd sharing a few overlooked rewards and blessings for anyone who is obedient to the leading and the Spirit of God.

1. Obedience to God is an act and sign of sincere worship and reverence for God.

2. Obedience to God is the true test of a Christian's spiritual character, faith and walk with God.

3. Obedience to God proves our trust in God and the real state of our hearts in the race of salvation.

4. Obedience to God helps real and serious children of God to shine forth as the light of Christ in this dark world.

5. Obedience to God is the best example that a child of God can lay for his children and generation after to follow in their own christian walk/faith as well as the best Christian legacy for them to reap from.

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