Monday, June 27, 2022

Who do you listen to?🤷 The Faith or Fear Determinant.


There is something powerful about the voice of whom we listen to especially on a regular basis. The answer to this question may be the panacea of the many problems that bedevil our society... From the least person to the most influential person.
The person or persons you listen to especially as a heavenly conscious child of God is capable of making or marring your destiny or the part of it that is the subject matter of a topic. 

Imagine being advised by someone who is wayward, has no spiritual compass, doesn't believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospel on matters that concern your spiritual lifestyle.

Imagine being advised by an unrepentant/repeating divorcee who is not willing to make his or her marriage work on how to build your home and live peacefully with your spouse.

Even if the person advising you on any matter is one whose life is worthy of emulation, as a wisdom filled Child of God, the proper thing to do is to run that piece of advice through the Word of God and further cross check with the Holy Spirit through fervent prayers to be sure if that piece of advice is His Will for your life and situation and will bring forth the desired results if/when applied.

Furthermore, even if the advice is coming from within you by mere logic or whatever, the same process should be applied as stated above first before you put your self implementable piece of advice into use.

This also applies to a child, whose closest parent is the one who is more or less of a bad influence generally, the implication of such is that the special grace of God will be needed to prevent that child from missing the track in life.

In conclusion, let's all be reminded that listening is a precious gift to the speaker and such gift should be given out with caution just as the Word of God that says Wisdom is profitable to direct... Ecclesiastes 10: 10.


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