Friday, June 10, 2022

I've Finally Learnt How To Organize My Time, Plans And Resources. Here's How...

Almost all of us at some point in our lives considered ourselves either to be relatively disorganized or have struggled with keeping our affairs and personal items and properties organized. 

Over the years, I through the help of the Holy Spirit have learnt how to effectively become organized and have tried to always stay organized at all times; and I want to share some lessons I have learnt over time on how to be and remain organized.

Here's is how below 👇

1. Be very clear on what you want to do, intend to achieve (your set goal), and your to-do list.

2. Give your self a time frame to actualize that your personal set goal. It could be long term or short term but the most important thing is to be realistic and intentional about it. Also remember to discipline yourself enough to keep to your mapped out deadlines.

3. You also need to give yourself the required space (declutter) both physically and mentally in other to achieve your goals.

4. Decide what's important, urgent and of utmost priority in the scale of things as your work on your set goals and stick to it.

5. Do not take on too many personal projects (tasks) than you can handle at a given period of time. Finish and conclude one first before diving into another.

6. Make use of planners, calendars and modern day technology to get your work done in record time.

7. Have accountability partners other than yourself who will check up on your progress level so far and encourage you when frustration tries to creep in.

8. Where necessary, create your own personal work space, label your work tools and put everything in its place at the end of each day into neat arrangements.

9. You will need a trash bin close to your personal work space, get it and make good use of it.

10. Last but not the least, if you live with others like children and family, make sure you let them know that your personal work space is off limits to them and that they are prohibited from trespassing to that area or at least with some stern rules before they can have access to such a place.

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