Saturday, July 23, 2022

Failure... The surest and shortest route to succeeding in life.

 For many people, the word 'failure' comes with a negative connotation of hopelessness. In fact, today's society particularly the youths don't understand the importance of patience in the journey of life and the necessity of failure on one's road to success. All everyone is after is overnight and sudden burst to success, wealth, fame and so on without realizing the roles time, maturity, chance, mistakes and failure play in forming a whole and completely successful individual.

Even the corporate world needs to understand and appreciate the importance of failure in building both the business structure into a formidable enterprise and the workers/employees (especially young interns) into a strong force that is almost impossible to sink in the global economy. 

Everyone everywhere is increasingly under the impression and pressure that perfectionism is the best way to go from birth and with every single new venture forgetting that failure gives one another opportunity to start over, evaluate the past mistakes, re-strategizes on new plans and ideas and appreciate our successes and breakthroughs when they eventually come.

We often forget that the mere fact that you actually took a step of faith by moving out of your comfort zone to try out something new/novel is a huge success of it's own and worth celebrating 🎉 and that every known and every celebrated successful individual started out as a failure at first who always appreciate and share their days of little beginings.

Below 👇 are a few tips on how to get more comfortable with failure and learn to appreciate our days of little beginings:

1. Don't be over zealous, greedy and in a haste for too much at a time.

2. Learn to appreciate your own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Run your own race in life and stop unhealthy and unnecessary competition with peers and perceived rivals.

4. Have a clearly written down action plan and implementable strategy.

5. Have trust worthy accountability partners.

6. Be self disciplined and determined at all times.

7. When you make mistakes, don't waste too much time brooding over them, take notes on why they happened, learn the lessons that you need to and forge ahead.

8. Re- strategize your plans and action points where you must in order not to repeat those mistakes again.

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