Saturday, August 3, 2019

Bad Belle People.

How una dey my beautiful people. How has your week  been so far? As for me and my family it's been blessings and favour all the way. Of a truth, the Lord our God has been indeed faithful and we are very grateful.

Now talking about bad belle people (I.e people who are envious and jealous of other people's progress in life and will do anything to kill it), they are just everywhere even down to one's immediate family members.

Their hearts are so evil and dirty that even though they may pretend to smile with you they can go to any length to kill such breakthrough or miracle and even kill the fellow involved if unchecked.

Thank God such people are not so difficult to identify anyway, their green envy betrays them easily through their body language, mannerisms, mood swings, and even speech. They may pretend to come as friends especially in times of one's celebrations all in a bid to earn your trust before they strike you dangerously from behind.

Funny enough, such fake frenemies and such tough timesare necessary to come one's way at times as they always teach us life's lessons we may never pick up elsewhere. They have an unforgettable way of making us wiser.

They may even succeed in closing one important door against you but they also teach you how to keep your private business to yourself and minding your inner circle.

So how many of us have experienced this sort of betrayal from bad belle people before and how did we wisely handle them?

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