Saturday, August 3, 2019

Do you want to succeed and be fulfilled in life? Then you must avoid these road pitfalls...

Who doesn't want to succeed and be fulfilled in life? Every living soul wants to even he who is dead lazy. We all desire to finish running our individual races in life with that satisfaction that yes we succeeded and that our success is not just a testimony for those behind but also a lasting legacy for them.

However, since no man is an island and no single tree makes a forest; then we all need people to assist us on our journey to the top. That very journey must be traveled with caution as there would be certain ups and downs, rough paths here and there will we make this sensitive journey to fulfilment in life and some of them are.

1. Avoid the road of unhealthy comparison and low self esteem. That one is a known self killer any day anytime. It is psychological and societal suicide.

2. Avoid the road of wrong association and bad peer influence. And this pitfall is not to our children or teenagers alone. Any age group can be volatile and susceptible.

3. Avoid the road of uncertainty and indecision

4. Avoid the road of hasty decision and desperation. Ask Esau the brother of Jacob

5. Avoid the road of over familiarity, disrespect and disregard. That one will make you pass over life changing opportunities repeatedly.

6. Avoid the road of stubbornness and insubordination. You will hardly ever get help or directions in life.

7. Avoid the road of shallowness. It will make you everyone's puppet.

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