Thursday, April 14, 2022


 For almost all of us adults, we have learned the hard way that life after graduation from school is no walk in the park. The several unforseen and unplanned harsh realities of job hunting in the professional market after school for a perceived dream job can often lead to frustration when that expectation is not met within record time... And most times it doesn't 😩.

After few or many years of unfruitful job hunting, many of us turn to self-employment which is today termed "ENTREPRENEURSHIP". 

Since there is no manual on what actually works in the entrepreneurial journey many of us make a few mistakes here and there during our first years starting out.

This is therefore the reason why I want to help flatten the practical learning curve for young, ambitious and determined entrepreneurs based on real life lessons that most entrepreneurs like myself have learnt over the years.

1. Your Wins Won't Always Be Linear (Accurately Precised): Sometimes you first major wins and losses will come from unlikely situations, places and logistics... No matter how hard you may have tried.

2. Make Rejection a Normal Part of Your Vocabulary and Routine. 

3. Strangers will believe and support you and your vision more than family and friends. I believe it's understandable enough. The over familiarity of family and friends make it difficult for them to believe that you of all people are doing something that may most times sound ridiculous to them.

4. Not Everyone Will Like You and Your Cause and IT'S OKAY.

5. Managing the People You Come Across is as Important as Your Business... The saying the money is in the people explains why.

6.  The most important point to note: Be Your Own Biggest Champion and Fan. No one else will push your business and cause more than or better than you and nobody will believe in what you are putting out there more than or better than you sell yourself and your product/service.

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