Sunday, January 22, 2023

Ladies let's have some sense

Umunwanyi let me give you a piece of unsolicited advice especially my unmarried sisters. 

You see eh when a man comes for your hand in marriage plead with your parents particularly your fathers not to over-bill or extort from your suitor because you are going to pay for it bitterly one way or the other in the marriage. E get why o!

Put your quest and desire to have the most elaborate wedding particularly at the traditional marriage level stage at bay and hold your long throat. A na eru ihe eru. Don't try to jump the rope of life

Even if he can afford it alone, have some sense and self respect and cut down unnecessary expenses except you are ready to foot the bills of the unnecessary expenses yourself without involving the man. Dem no dey do competition for best wedding. The world doesn't care, all the world cares about is to help you waste the largesse you have prepared for us.

Put yourself in the mindset of the man especially if he is not spiritually grounded, there is no way he will spend that much money to marry you and not see you as one of his acquisitions.

Did you guys know that there are men who value their toys (cars and electronic gadgets) more than they value their wives who is a human being. That is why he won't waste time to abuse you in any manner he deems fit at any given time.

If only some of you wives could be privileged to read the minds of your so called husbands as to how they value you, most of you will weep blood. That is why your voices and opinions never count to your husbands and they even consider it an insult to them because you are no better than one other of his acquired home furnitures.

I'm not saying fight your kinsmen but for goodness sake this is the 21st century and times are hard economically so please make them understand that all that nonsense billing has no benefit especially to you their daughter except they are selling you off into modern day slavery which is what most wives are to their husbands... Glorified house maids

When I was about to get married and my uncles said no this no that, they didn't know that I was the happiest person because my husband and I had more money to save which we later utilized for our first investment as a couple immediately after our wedding. 

Then after the wedding, still beg your immediate family to respect themselves small with their demands even if their new in-law is a money magnet. E get why too.

And then you the new bride you get your ass off your lazy entitlement chair and start to hustle no matter how small so that your respect can be full and all round (you want his family to respect you as well).

Let me stop here for now. But if you didn't take anything home from here remember that most husbands view their wives as a mere acquisition and that is why your opinion is treated harshly with abuse because it is considered as a direct unwelcomed challenge to his unquestionable authority.

Even if you are married to a man because of his monetary wealth and nothing more, try to pretend about it at the beginning in other to gain your respect and then you'd realize with time that there's more to him and the whole concept of marriage than a man's money. Just saying 😔

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