Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Staying True To One's Self

How can you have your wedding without "professional makeup" or without breaking the bank?

How can you write this exam without "any form of assistance"?

How can you get married without "testing the car you want to buy first"?

How can you graduate from the university without ever tasting alcohol, drugs or going clubbing?

These and many more are the unending voices in our heads compelling us to conform to certain so called societal norms that we are often better off without especially in the long run.

I recently had a heart -to-heart with my 5-year old where he seriously queried and disapproved of my wedding picture hanging on the wall of the sitting room for the singular reason that I put on so much facial make up in that picture and so in his eyes I am no longer the person in the picture as I look like someone else, whereas he knows that mummy (which is me) wears little or no facial makeup on most days.

I now look at the said picture with so much regret and it no longer gives me the nostalgic feeling of sweet memories because prior to wedding I wanted to look as natural as possible but no the voices from those around me kept saying for my wedding to pass of rule of classy to the society, the bride must masquerade herself in the name of bridal make over.

This new year resist the urge to imitate anyone except for healthy growth purposes in any desired area of life (not for unhealthy competition) with your own unique differences here and there for personal originality.

You see this 2023, become a die-hard original in all your endeavors and watch your future thank your past self for decisions well made and implemented.

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