Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023 in practical implementation

Happy Sunday guys!

For those who are still holidaying, the year has started in earnest. Imagine 15+ days off the calendar already. What did you say is your new year resolution and goal again?... You may need to look yourself in the mirror and repeat that aloud to yourself again with a more serious tone.

As for me this my omugwo period is one of sober reflection and re-strategizing especially regarding my being very intentional about creating a passive income that will with time grow to become more steady than my 9 - 5.

I took that decision because after a deep and sincere evaluation of my life in the recent past years regarding money, I had to tell myself one hard truth: I was about to turn myself to a jack of all trades but master of none. You just name the legit online venture... Yup your gal has put in money to try it out. Even my husband sef don tire for my matter😩.

To this end, I have registered and begun attending paid online classes on several social media platforms to learn, unlearn and relearn especially the attitude, language and spirit of money. Efe enyero na dis Bubu's economy. 

But I am not in a haste to speed up the learning process (I had to say that in in slow motion to prove that to myself once again). I will take as much time as it needs without being lazy or lackadaisical about it. 

So this is me saying thumbs up πŸ‘ to myself for finally waking up to doing the needful which I ought to have done for my own personal growth a long time ago. And to you my friend what plans and marching actions have you made in line with your resolutions/goals of the year. There is no time but like is said in Igbo adage "taa bu gboo".

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