Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Health is Wealth...

Every morning we are born again🌻🌻🌻

What we do today is what matters most.

Making changes in our habits makes changes in our lives!



1.👉Coconut and groundnut are

     sexual drive enhancers.

2.👉Carrot and cucumbers are sperm


3.👉Swimming enhances your


4.👉Dancing reduces stress, Sex is

     also good but do not abuse it.

5.👉Exercise is a life extending


6.👉Frequent talking with enthusiasm

      is an anti-aging.

7.👉Masturbation can cause eye

     defect, weakness of penis and

     reduces your libido from 50yrs

8.👉Congested bucal cavity is

      potentially hazardous, brush your

      teeth morning and night.

9.👉Beans is an anti-cancer, you can

     remove the skin if it gives you

     trouble after eating.

10.👉Eating smoked fish is suicidal

     because it is double monoxide

     and could elicit cancerous cells.

11.👉Beef is very dangerous to those

     above 40yrs.

12.👉Milk is not really ideal for those

     who experience  noisy and

     stomach upset after drinking it.

     Such indicates milk fermentation

      in the system.

13.👉Soft drinks and juices shouldn't be

     abused. You can prepare your

     own juice with fruits. Dont

     accumulate synthetic sugar in

     your body.

14.👉Make watermelon your

     companion as it cleanses your

     liver and kidney, and also

     enhances their functions.

15.👉Eat apples, carrot, onion and other

      vegetables everyday.

16.👉Cease your breathe for at least

     one minute when people cough or

     sneeze, especially in an enclosure

     or in a public transit.

17.👉Washing of hands regularly is a

      major way of preventing some


18.👉Okra is rich in protein.

*Take good care of yourself, May God help us with wisdom..* 🙏🏼:❤❤


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