Saturday, March 19, 2022


Waiting has never been easy for any man. It's one of the most difficult things (not many things compare) to do in life......"WAIT".

-Ask Sarah in the Bible, she got frustrated of waiting, she had to force her husband to give the world Ishmael. The world is still paying dearly for that singular act of impatience till tomorrow.😭

-Ask King Saul, he got frustrated he went ahead to do the sacrifice that will seal his doom shamefully forever.

-Ask the children of Israel, they wearied of waiting for Moses and made for themselves idols to their ruin.

ASK RACHAEL.... (my focus this morning).

Rachael was beloved and industrious. She was beautiful and inspiring. Because of her, Jacob set a marriage standard that no man has been able to replicate... Rachel was cheated by her own dad in the name of custom. .... and when she finally claimed her place... her womb was shut.

The bible didn't record Leah having children until Rachel was married to Jacob too. It was like a spite. Her sister was barren till she came in and unlocked the fruitfulness but inherited the barrenness. And in her very presence her usurper bore 4 boys.... FOUR!!! while she waited......

Rachael dear!!!.... How did you cope with that? How did you bear the ridicule and shame and spite. First your love was given to your mate and now she is more fruitful? ??? 

But Rachael.... I'm wondering, 

Did you know that God was actually preserving your womb for something bigger and better?

Did you know that your son will become the world's most famous man in his days?

Did you know that your son will command riches and wealth. He will feed nations and families?

Did you know that ALL of Leah's children will bow before your son in reverence and awe.?

Did you know your son will save an entire generation from starvation?

Did you know your son was gonna fulfil God's word to Abraham?

Did you know your son will preserve a posterity for Leah and her sons?

Did you know your son will be worth more than ALL Leah's children put together?

Did you know your grandsons will be grafted into the tribes?

I bet she didn't know. ..she succumbed to pressure and like Sarah, gave her maid to Jacob. But God wouldn't have any of that... Even the sons of the handmaid will bow to Joseph. 

I don't know who is reading this, but God says to tell you that JOSEPH IS COMING.... He will make you proud. He will eclipse every success gone before. His arrival will be the announcement of world breakthrough. His coming will bring joy and comfort. His coming will make you forget all your sorrows.

He's coming... wealth... favour... riches... revival... breakthrough... progress... promotion... children.. success... et al


Wait on God. Don't follow alternatives. Don't help God. Don't worry. Don't cry... Joseph is coming!!!!!!

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