Friday, March 25, 2022

Appreciation is the key 🗝️ that unlocks the door of Increase

 This picture below was the circulated photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die so it can feast on her. It was taken by Kevin Carter, a prolific photojournalist, during the fa mine of 1993 in Sudan. This photo later won Kevin the Pulitzer  prize for an 'exceptional' caption.

However, Kevin later got depressed and took his own life four months after his world wide celebration as a skillful photographer. He fell to depression. His depression began when during an interview ( a phone-in programme), someone asked him what happened to the child. *"I did not wait to see what happened after this shot as I had a flight to catch.... ".* And the person replied, "I put it to you that there were two vultures that day; one had a camera". This statement sank Kevin and as he constantly thought of the statement, he got depressed and ended his own life.

In whatever we do, let's consider humanity first before whatever we can gain. Kevin Carter, may still have been alive today. Had it been that he helped that little child, his name might have been written in gold.

We have not truly lived, until our lives have become the stars and sunshine for someone else.

Search within you and if there is that one person you feel you can help start NOW! Tomorrow might be too late!




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