Monday, November 14, 2022


Are you a Christian husband and you are looking for ways to show your equally Christian wife how much love and appreciation you have for her?

Well below are a few inexhaustible tips for you to make that possible and make your wife really feel loved 😍.

1. Showing pride in the marriage, not hiding her 

2. Spending quality time with her 

3. Responding to her calls and texts 

4. Involving her in making decisions 

5. Protecting her from his family and friends 

6. Being faithful to her; not just sexually but also in his communication with other women 

7. Expressing sexual desire for her to make her feel wanted 

8. Apologizing to her and doing better when he wrongs 

9. Appreciating her efforts

10. Seeking her opinion as a wife 

11. Correcting her with love 

12. Affirming her when she is in doubt 

13. Raising the children with her, being a present father 

14. Not using money to intimidate her, or punishing her by denying her money 

15. Supporting her dreams

16. Reminding her how beautiful and great she is

17. Having tough conversations with her that make her feel safe and that you two are a mature couple 

18. Protecting her mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

19. Making family time especially family prayer time an absolute must and priority.

Loving your wife doesn't make you are less of a man, in fact, you stand to gain a lot because your wife will notice your love and respond back with love.

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