Saturday, November 26, 2022

Where your treasure is there also lies your strength and your heart ❤️

Two rich men living in the same neighbourhood were, one day, robbed of everything they had.

Now left with nothing, one was so depressed, he jumped into the lagoon and drowned. The other left the neighbourhood. Nobody saw him again until months later when he returned. This time, richer than he was before.

When his neighbours saw him, they were astonished. Curiously, they asked, "How did you do that?" He told them, "When those robbers robbed me, they thought they took away all that I had but they didn't know that all that I had was inside me. I don't give the world anything that I have not, first, given myself."

True success is first replicable.

The difference between the two rich men is the understanding that success is not on the things we achieve but on who we become as a result of achieving them.

 No cutting corners.

You have to first, become before you manifest. That's what makes success easily replicable.

So, before you complain about not seeing progress in what you're doing, take a self-evaluation of your life. This time, not on the things you have achieved but on who you have become. You might be surprised to realise that you're now more patient, bold, loving, optimistic, purpose minded, wise, resilient, skilful, prayerful, knowledgeable, and self-aware.

 You may also realise, surprisingly, that you no longer care about what people say, that you're now more committed to your path, and that you have developed faster ears and a slow tongue.

Because these virtues do not make noise when they arrive, you may not realise that you have them until people point them out, or you find out through self-evaluation.

Therefore, I'm here to remind you, that:

First, success is not a thing or things, but a person who has mastered the art of turning everything he touches into gold.

Secondly, do not give the world what you have not first given yourself.

Thirdly, while you celebrate the rewards that have crowned your effort, do not forget to celebrate the fact that you have improved as a person.

Finally, do not give up on yourself because of the things you have not yet achieved. You are already a success because you are becoming and you have determined to walk on this path and stay on it until you figure it out.

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