Monday, December 12, 2022

Women Please Stop Shaming CS Mothers


CS may be difficult, very expensive and sometimes have prolonged healing process and time that can last as much as weeks from all the vaccines administered during the process and so on but one thing is sure, it is a divine life saver for both child and mother especially in cases of difficult or impossible vaginal delivery. 

Don't be foolish and play with your life and that of an innocent baby (ies) that you have suffered for nine whole months to carry with high expectations just because the only Scripture you know off heart and your own misconstrued interpretation of Hebrew women is vaginal delivery only. The statistics of foolish women is no longer funny so refuse to join them.

You the naive family, friend or confused Man of God who is teaching this erroneous doctrine of heresy concerning Hebrew women and leading mothers and babies to an early avoidable grave please in the name of Jesus that you claim to teach this satanic teaching STOP IT IN JESUS NAME. AMEN and please just stop mocking a CS mother. You are not God neither are you better than her because you had a vaginal delivery. Nobody is perfect, tides can also turn anytime and our body make ups are not all the same. Most people don't have the willpower to withstand societal and family pressures.

The Hebrew women teaching means that both mother and child are in perfect health condition to the glory of God that gave the baby as a gift and heritage to the mother and family. So please know the truth and let it set you free and more importantly please stop making mockery of the Name of God and the Word of God in Jesus Name. Amen. Our God is not a liar, neither is He an author of confusion. 

I didn't come in peace 😡😠. I am angry in my spirit because I am a proud CS mother of three perfect covenant children that beautify my world.

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