Friday, December 30, 2022



There is one person you must never meet in your life, you can meet other people but you must never meet that one person and that person is the person you should have become.

I read in a book sometime ago, that many years ago, Billy Graham was preaching and he is one of the most holiest man in America, but while he was preaching those days, he will be missing his note, if he wants to call Genesis, he will call the book of Daniel, his wife noticed this so after he was done preaching, the wife told him that he was missing lines while he was preaching and the man replied and told her that he suddenly noticed a lady in the audience and that was the lady that refused to marry him because she said I didn't have a future, so immediately the wife stood up and walked straight to the lady, she greeted the lady and said "Thank you for saying no to my husband, because if you didn't say no, I won't be enjoying what am enjoying right now..

You must never meet the person you have been, therefore allow God to pull you so that you will not be denied and deprived of your throne and also get replaced so you must allow God to pull you.

There are things that must not follow you to the next level, so at some point, you need to let go of some certain thing.

Some of you talk too much, you talk to the extent that you expose everything about yourself without even noticing. When God wants to lift, he links you with the people on top or people that are on their way to the top, so if your attitude makes them not to have contact with you, because access is the greatest gift anybody can give to you, so your talking habit should be minimize.

God has better plans for you, so instead of having regret over where you are now, just focus on what God has in stock for you, and where you are going, because God has greater plans for you.

God bless you!!

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