Thursday, April 25, 2024

Self-Care For The "W. O. M. A. N." 101

Sister, please take good care of yourself! 

To all of us warrior women balancing the triathlon of motherhood, careers, and domestic jungles once again I say the Lord is our strength but also remember, you didn’t say “I do” to lose very yourself in the laundry pile or the corporate ladder. The real person who dazzled your partner into commiting to marriage with you is that he loved you for *you*—not just for your potential as a supermom or as a business guru. 

Yes, kids come with all their bundles of joy and truckload of responsibilities, bodies changes happen, exhaustion sets in, and all sorts of workloads could that squash a small elephant. But hey, it is paramount not sacrifice *you* on the altar of the endless to-dos!

It’s understandable to shift priorities, but let’s not vanish ourselves in the process. As much as possible, carve out a sanctuary in time for yourself. Whether it's a steamy bubble bath longer than your toddler's attention span or a morning jog where the only thing you're chasing is your peace of mind, keep that rendezvous with yourself sacred. Else, if you don’t, the person by your side—who promised to be there through thick and thin—might start wondering where the woman he fell in love with has vanished to. 

And to the gentlemen, a little PSA: We women (I mean your wife) aren't magical creatures who can juggle kids, careers, and casseroles without ever dropping a ball and all what not. If she’s expected to stay that sparkly for you the way you expect her to remain according to your wild imaginations, the least you can do sir is pick up your own wand in love and support and do some magic of your own around the house with the errands. It’s tragicomic, really, that her losing herself in the juggle becomes her unforgivable crime in your courtroom of unrealistic expectations.

So, let's not wait for a tragedy of disconnection between you two. Support her always, laugh with her, and maybe—just maybe—help do the laundry from start to finish. 

Help make sure that the only things getting lost around your duo are the socks in the laundry pile, not her essence in the everyday chaos.

Let’s keep it real, keep it supportive, and maybe keep it a little sarcastic— once in a while, because life’s too short to not laugh at the chaos. And remember, a well-balanced woman leads to a well-balanced life for everyone including you Sir.
Lastly let's not just pass this message along—let's live it!

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