Thursday, April 25, 2024

Young Intending Couples Must Discuss What Works Best For Them.

Dear young unmarried woman. Please note that there are no norms or common practice or universally accepted way of doing marriage especially in this part of the world.

Whatever traits or beliefs that you've noticed in your intended partner that doesn't sit well with you, make sure you discuss it immediately and trash it out with modalities and agreements between you both as it suits the uniqueness of your relationship.

“I saw my mother be@ting my father” is not a norm!

“I grew up watching my mother kneeling down to serve my father” is not a norm! 

“My mother was a stay-at-home mum” is a not a norm! 

“My father bought everything my mother ever wanted” is not a norm!

“My mother never talks back to my father” is not a norm! 

“My father has never entered the kitchen” is not a norm! 

"My mother wakes up to cook and serve any type of meal my father demanded of her even as late as midnight" is not a norm! 

“My father pays the school fees” is not a norm! 

You can add more in the comments!

Establish your own norms in your marriage by discussing and marshalling out the terms and conditions that will work best for the both of you. 

And please teach your children to establish theirs when it’s time. Do not interfere. If your son prefers to be a stay at home dad, don’t shout and say it’s abomination! It is their choice!

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