Friday, April 26, 2024


- Relieves Stomach Ulcers:
Bitter leaf has strong anti oxidants that are good for protecting the walls of the stomach. That’s why bitter leaf can be used to treat stomach ulcers. 

- Treats Malaria:
Bitter leaf has abundant amount of quinine in it. That is a natural anti malarial drug. 

- Cures Fungal Infections:
Bitter leaf has strong anti fungal properties. You can apply its paste on the skin infections to treat your fungal infections.

- Treats Skin Conditions:
Bitter leaf paste can treat your skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, ringworms etc. 

- Treats Typhoid Fever:
The flavonoids present in bitter lead are strong antioxidants and are helpful in treating fever. 

- Helps in Weight Loss:
A glass of bitter leaf juice is good for your weight loss.

- Controls Blood Sugar & treats diabetes

- Enhances Fertility:
Bitter leaf is good for fertility of both men and women. 

- Anticancer Properties:
Bitter leaf has strong anti cancer properties. It can protest your body from different types of cancers. 

- Controls Blood Pressure:

- Healthy for Bones and Teeth:
 The use of bitter leaf can prevent the weakening of bones tissues, also known as osteoporosis.

- Fights With Free Radicals:

- Treats Insomnia:

- Promotes Detoxification:
Bitter leaf juice can be used to detoxify your body. Toxins in your body can cause many health problems like infertility, metabolic disorders, and cancer etc. And it is important to detoxify your body from toxins. That’s why bitter leaf is very beneficial for your health as it helps in detoxification of your body.

- Controls STD:

- Relieves Tiredness:
You can drink a glass of bitter leaf juice to gain your energy back.

- Treats Abdominal Conditions:

- Improves Milk Production:

- Expels The Worms:
Bitter leaf use can kill or expels the worms from your digestive system.

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