Thursday, April 25, 2024

A Mother's Untold Story

When a woman becomes prégnant, which is a difficult stage of a woman's life yet she had this confidence that after prégnancy she will be free and relieved.

After giving birth, nursing her little baby wasn't an easy job. 

She so much looked forward to getting past that stage as a bréástféeding Mom

The sleepless nights, anxiety, body pain and general stress was much to deal with but she said again "once my baby starts crawling and  moving around I will be free"

Finally, the baby starts walking and moving about

She heaved a a sigh of relief thinking it will be far easier but she was wrong again

Watching and monitoring the kids so they won't swallow pin or even hürt their selves while moving about becomes the job of the day

Toddler stage arrives and the shouting progressed

"Don't touch that

"Don't go there

"Don't put that in your mouth

"Don't climb

"Stop running around before you fall

"I will spank you if you tear that book, drop it back 

And then he tears the book and start giggling happily

You look at him unknowing what to do

You gather up the pieces of the mess and throw away.

They never stop making mess and you never stop cleaning.

You become worried when they're off to school and can't wait for them to be home and once they're home you can't stop shouting and threatening

Even your threats are taken for granted and when you spank them finally you will still beg them to stop crying.

Does any of this parenting stage gets any easier? You keep asking but the answer is not quite.

Interestingly she may have to have to repeat this process or cycle for as many times as she visits the delivery room.

No, it doesn't because even when they are grown and off to the university or even married their safety and good connection becomes another prayer points.

Just do your best and let God take care of the rest.

It doesn't get easier but it does gets better and sweeter ❤❤️❤️ 

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